Domestic violence is not only a private, but a global problem. Several international conferences have stated that domestic violence against women and children is a form of discrimination against women and therefore its elimination is the responsibility of the state; a social problem of such scope cannot be solved by an NGO alone. What we at NANE can and do offer is to listen to the victims, understand them without making judgements and raise public awareness of domestic violence through publications and training sessions.

NANE is still the only NGO running a hotline for battered women and children in Hungary. Since our beginnings in 1994 the range of our activities has grown considerably. We have initiated amendments to laws and public administration reforms in areas where the current regulations do not guarantee equal protection under the law for victims of domestic violence. We petitioned the Constitutional Court to declare that marital rape is a crime and therefore should be included in Hungarian criminal law. Our efforts, which turned into a vocal public movement, succeeded in 1997 when the Hungarian Parliament outlawed marital rape. As well as a crisis hotline, we also voice our views through several media channels, including the written and electronic.

In 1999, NANE was awarded the status of outstandingly important charity.

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NEW! The Power to Change. How to set up and run support groups for victims and survivors of domestic violence
This manual has been produced as part of the Daphne II project "Survivors speak up for their dignity", a joint project by AMCV from Portugal, Associazione Artemisia from Italy, NANE Women's Rights Association from Hungary, Tartu NGO Women's Shelter from Estonia, and Women's Aid Federation of England from the UK. The manual has been produced in the five languages of project partners: Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, Estonian and English.

E-book versions have been placed on the websites of all project partners. A limited number of print copies is also available. To request a hardcopy, please contact the partner organisation of the given language.
If you are interested in translating and publishing this manual (whether in print or electronically) in another langugage, please contact NANE Women's Rights Association at info@nane.hu to learn about the conditions!

Júlia Spronz & Judit Wirth: Integrated client service for victims of violence against women This report was produced as part of our Daphne II Call 1 programme which ran between April 2005 and March 2006.

Lessons learned: adapting and using the WAVE Training Programme on Combating Violence Against Women. This report was produced as part of our Daphne II Call 2 programme which ran between May 2005 and April 2006.

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